The Exercise Year of Your Dreams 2017

The Finnish Olympic Committee was coordinating The Exercise Year of Your Dreams as a part of the programme for Finland’s Centenary Celebrations of 2017. The aim of this exercise year was to increase movement, joy and wellbeing all over Finland. This was done in cooperation with different actors by supporting and strengthening existing activities, building networks, and with a slightly new operating culture through experimenting boldly and by learning. About 140 municipalities were involved to organize and realize the Exercise Year of Your Dreams.

Note the exercise pop-up day Exercise Day of Your Dreams, 10th May.
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Dreams into Motion – more movement, happiness and wellbeing

Dreams into Motion has beens above all else a way of working. It has built networks, activates people to co-operate and has encouraged them t.o try new things, all in a new way.

Dreams will be put into motion by giving people the possibility to be involved in generating ideas and by inspiring them to think and solve in collaboration with others, so that everyone can increase exercise in their own environment and so that changes can take place through easy solutions, too.

Municipalities, sport and exercise clubs, early education actors, schools, work organisations and associations from different administrative regions can be asked to get involved. Through idea workshops, sharing skills and experimentation, existing activities will be strengthened and new forms of collaboration built.

The push of a common culture of experimentation has been unique in its countrywide breadth. The model will not bring the same result to each community. Rather, the essential aim will be to find each community’s special needs and to find the most suitable solutions and ways of implementing them for that community.

Short History of The Exercise Year of Your Dreams

The Exercise Day of Your Dreams on 10th May 2016 was a pop-up exercise day around Finland which excites and encourages people to experiment and take exercise. The Exercise Month of Your Dreams in September inspired people to new ways of working, workshops and developing activities with an eye on 2017. In 2017 activities grow further and the result will be a physically active Finland, full of events, experimentation and richer than ever forms of collaboration as Finland celebrates its centenary year.